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Photos, on your website and social media, should be your 'visual business cards'.

They have to stand out among the billions of pictures created every day, they should engage the viewer, and they should reflect your values.

Lindsberg Media är specialiserat på företags videoproduktion och fotografering i Sverige och världen över.

We use the best cameras, beautiful lenses,  drones, lights big and small.. and we use our

well-equipped 100sqm studio for your greenscreen- portrait- and product photography.

Of course we do. 

We are experts in postprocessing images, retouching, compositing, GDPR rules..

Of course we are.

But, more importantly, our 30+ years of experience means that we know how to put a person at ease in front of our camera. That we speak the language of designers and printers. That we work efficiently, with minimum disturbance of your work processes.

And that we always, even under the most challenging circumstances, keep an eye on safety.


We are passionate about our work.!

Our goal is to define, together with you, your core values, and convey those in every photograph we deliver...   We show your values in your visuals! to enlarge

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